Unwatched list everywhere

Hi guys, your software is really great. I would need a feature that would like to suggest you.
Especially on Apple TV but also o the other platforms, I think that would be great to have the possibility to see only the list of unwatched movies or tv series
I own a lot of video tutorials that I need to study for my job, but I find very complex to recognise if I have watched a video only by searching for a small icon. This happens especially in favourites folder (files?) where I use to search my home and job videos

Or better easily switch between watched an unwatched list.

New user here coming to test this app out but this would be the reason why I can’t use this. Having the option to only show unwatched shows is a deal breaker for me personally. I can’t image the wife would be too happy with me to sit down and watch tv and scroll through a huge list. Sad because I think this app has lots of potential.

Do we know if this is in the works for Infuse 7?

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It’s available in the current version, no need to wait for V7.

Go to Library > Movies > Unwatched


Library > TV Shows > Unwatched

You can find a good users guide for the library functions here

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Yes of course. I apologise if I explained me not so good.
I mean that it would be great to find this features everywhere.
It is available only for tv shows and movies.
My infuse’s home screen il full of favourite folders. I did this to do more order in my library. As I told you I own a lot of home videos or video tutorials that I store in favourite folders. In these folders is not possible to view only the list of unwatched video files. moreover i stored childern movies and other movies in different favourite folders to find easily something for my children. Also in these folder is not possible view the inwatched list of movies.
(I’m sorry for my English)

Moreover on Apple TV there is no “see all” button. the unwatched list is up to 30 films or tv shows

I understand what your suggesting but for the time being you can do almost the same thing by going into the Library > TV Shows > Long press on “Unwatched” and select “Add to Favorites” and that will give you a button on the home screen to see all of your unwatched TV shows. Same goes for movies.

Great. Thank you. This is solved, but what about the same thing on files or other folders (or other favourites)? may you do something?