Unwatched Indicator on TV Show Collection Folder

Request a feature be added to include an ‘unwatched’ mark on the Series container when an unwatched episode is present. Currently you have to dive down to the series level to see if there is a new episode.

How are you browsing your shows?

When using the library you should see watched indicators at both the season and series level. However, when using favorites/folders these will only be available at the season level.

I use favorites. The library button is just an extra click. Why is it different?

By default, Infuse will include a ‘TV Shows’ shortcut on the home screen which will take you straight to the TV Shows section of the library.

If this was removed and you would like to re-add it (or you want to add other library shortcuts), you can follow the steps here. Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

So I’ve got the TV listing under Library that displays the unwatched indicator at the season level. However, I prefer to hide the library button on my home screen and just go to my TV Favorite link - here it does not display unwatched indicator at the season level. Why is it different? Could this be added as an option?