Unwatched indicator missing on updated tv series

I think this is a bug introduced in recent versions. When ongoing tv series has updates
(new video in the library), it should have unwatched indicator and be placed to top in the recently added queue. But now there is no indicator at all.

Can you check to ensure Infuse has completed its library scan (Settings > Library)?

Does the new episode appear when navigating inside the series item?

The expected behavior for a series which was fully watched, and then has new unwatched episodes added would be to see an orange bar at the bottom of the poster. This indicates a partially watched or in progress series.

For example. In this image, Power has not had any episodes watched, and Prison Break has some episodes watched.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 11.02.08 AM

yes. Library scan is complete. The new episode has unwatched indicator inside the series item.
However the orange progress bar is missing.

Also I remember once after I finished watching an updated series, other unwatched series were moved up in the queue but now they are not.