Unwatched badge and Progress Bar on Posters

I like the new UI of V7, but I don’t like that the orange “unwatched badge” in the top right corner of the posters is now separated from the orange progress indicator, which is now at the bottom of the posters.

IMHO that is not eye friendly and creates an inconsistent user experience.
another point is, that the progress bar can be extremely short, so it is hardly visible. The movie or episode than looks like it is already watched. That happend to me already several times.

Think about starting a 3 hours movie, but you have to quit after only a view minutes. Than the progress bar is not visible, but the orange badge is gone.

The white clock-like symbol within the orange badge in the older version where a much better solution, because all information was in one place, easy to catch. And even with my example, you had a clearly visible indicator, that you already started to watch something, with a high color contrast.


Thank you for saving me the brain drain trying to explain the problem as well as you just did. :+1:

It really is a step backward in user interface for me. It wasn’t broken to start with so the fix isn’t optimal.

Having to check both the top corner and the very bottom for a faint line is not great.

Please bring back the single corner with a pie chart.

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@james will shoot me for this, as I signed an NDA, but I’m part the Ultra-Beta-Tester program and being as you are both so positive about the recent changes in Infuse 7 this seems like a great opportunity for me to share with you an early sneak peak of what is coming in Infuse V8…

The current feeling between us UBT’s and the dev team is that there’s still loads of space left on the cover artwork to put more indicators in. So we’re knuckling down and throwing ideas around to see what else we can get on there! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I’m glad to see there is progress, but to be honest, to wait for V8 is much too long for this.
I think the break in the user experience caused by the separation of the progress and unseen indicator is too heavy.

And to be honest once more, the example above would be too much for me. For me the posters / coverart is defaced and overloaded in the example above.

In general, to visualize progress by using a thin bar on the edge of the poster is no good idea, in my opinion. To come back to my example in my initial posting, those bars can be extremely short and therefore be nearly invisible.

If you’re referring to the post by yatesfox you don’t have to worry. That’s a spoof. They forgot the wink emoji. :wink:

I know, that’s why I changed my post in “would be too much”, but you were quicker. :grinning:

I’ve added them now, I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously so I feel bad :sob:


I hate to even add this but if we could get that pie on the bottom between the season and episodes that would be of interest. Just ditch the progress bar at the bottom.

It’s been a lazy afternoon. @JMcClane if this is derailing your thread too much please say so and I’ll make it disappear. :wink:

Maybe something like this for the series poster?


Everything is fine here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Here is the place for suggestions and discussions, and I like your suggestion.
I think this suggestion could also work for movies, orange bar for unseen and the pie chart if it is partially watched. Nothing for completely watched.

The main aspect for me is, to keep the unseen indicator and the “i have started to watch something” indicator together in one place, and that the indicators are always clearly visible. This is something we don’t have in the current version and for me a clear step backwards compared to previous versions.

Especially the fact, that the unseen badge disappears immaterially, when you start watching something.

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Thanks again for the assurance that this wasn’t another “curmudgeon” trait I was exhibiting and another one to just “get used to”. :rofl: