Unwached Status


Can you add a feature that shows me unwached episodes that matches with the status from Trakt.tv ?
At the Moment it marks only episodes as watched that a watched with the app and also syncs not over multiple devices ?

I guess you have to add two way sync with trak.tv.
Is this Feature on your List ?

Yes, 2-way sync with trakt is something we’re working to add for an upcoming version.

Hi, James

Any news about this functionality? I know this already exists in tvOS, but I’m asking about improvement. for instance: I want to see an indicator in screen showing what episodes are new and what episodes are already watched.


The quote from James is very old!

As far as I know 2-way sync with trakt is working fine. It does not seem to matter if I watch videos on ATV2, ATV4, or iOS the watched status gets updated. What is missing at the moment on the TVOS version is showing the watched status.

yes, yes. silly me. that was I meant: “a watched indicator”. I edit my post but your fingers were more fast :wink: