I have two Apple TV 2nd generation units, both are running 4.3 (2557). I want to jailbreak them and install aTV (had it on my old Apple TV from forever ago).



  1. What's the latest software version the Apple TV (2G) can run and still boot jailbroken without tethering?
  2. Is it possible to get that software version anywhere? (Suspect Apple won't give me the option of downloading anything other than the latest and greatest.)



I guess what I should be asking … Is there a way to load a newer, but not 5.2.1 (which I understand cannot boot untethered), firmware on the Apple TV? Or even, is there a way to jailbreak the 4.3 that’s on it?


(Seems like Netflix doesn’t work on 4.3… All I get is “Netflix is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” :frowning: )

With the beta version of Seas0nPass you will be able to backup your saved 4.3 signatures, and use those to jailbreak the Apple TV. More info on this can be found here. http://forum.firecore.com/topic/10330

Unfortunatley the only other option is to install 5.2.1, which is a tethered jailbreak at the moment.

Still waiting for an Untethered version. Is there any idea of when that might be? It has been a while since the last untethered version was out.

I have the same question. Holding out for the unthethered update, but itching to try new channels Apple has just unveiled.


We’re all hoping for the untethered update, but it looks like the devs are just going to leave us hoping, unfortunately. Been far too long since we saw ANY update here

Yep still waiting for an update :frowning:

yeah I wouldnt hold my breath it seemsthat all of the effort is on infuse 2.0 now. I dont think that there is anything active going on for jailbreaking now.

Probably not too relevant that FireOore are putting their resources into inFuse. FireCore do not produce the original jailbreaks, merely package the ones that others produce.

Therefore until the jail breaking community announce they have succeeded in producing a jailbreak we cannot expect a version of SeasonPass that supports such a jailbreak.

It’s absolutely relevant that Firecore hasn’t done anything on the ATV in months. They have all but abandoned it.

Why should the ‘community’ help them? Firecore doesn’t sponsor them, doesn’t fund them. Like a bully, firecore just takes their hard work and makes a profit off of it.

FireCore is just as much a part of that ‘community’ as anyone else. The free Seas0nPass tool has been downloaded millions of times by people from every corner of the globe, many (if not most) of which are not aTV Flash users.

Additionally, we’ve sponsored work on many of the core Apple TV components (Beigelist and nitoTV to name a few), and contributed to both the XBMC and Plex projects, so your statement about all take and no give is patently false.