Untethered Jailbreaks possibly a thing of the past ?

I am lucky to still have both my ATV’s still running on untethered jailbreaks but i am starting to wonder if i will ever be able to update again as it would seem the untethered jailbreaks are unlikely to happen anymore & a jailbreak still some way off for IOS7 for any devices let alone the ATV’s which always seem to be at the end of the queue :frowning:













On what evidence do you base the comment that untethered jailbreaks are unlikely to happen any more?

Seriously?  Where have you been for the last year?


Apple is making it difficult to use their products outside of the “walled garden”.  The recent 5.3 and 6.0 upgrades should have taught you that.  The “removal” of APTickets and old signed firmware should have taught you that.

If Firecore, who is the best game in town (no, I don’t work for them) hasn’t been able to crack the code, you are going to have to live with pre 5.3 untethered, or 5.3 tethered.

With the release of 6.0.1 and the upcoming 6.1, and Apple’s penchant for creating obsolescence in its products, I agree with Kerrse.

Meanwhile, I’m making a fortune on about 30 a week. :smiley:


And after the last 5.2 is jailbroken, what then?



There are still lots out there but it is getting harder to source them.  You just have to work smarter.

Looking back at the jailbreak history of these ATV’s shows this current UNTETHERED DROUGHT to be THE very longest since the introduction of the Apple TV 2 line with version 4.0 in September 2010.  

Facts are, there have been very few periods where only tethered versions have been available.  

Previous to this current and ongoing NINE month drought between an UNTETHERED and TETHERED jailbreak (Tethered Version 5.2.1 was introduced in March 2013), the longest period had been FIVE months: Tethered version 5.0 was released in December 2011 and was followed with an UNTETHERED release of version 5.0.1 in May of 2012.

Does this mean that an untethered ATV jailbreak will never happen again?  Who knows?

The evasi0n jailbreakers seem very confident that they will have an untethered jailbreak for the latest iOS operating system – at least as far as the iPhone and iPad are available.

The universe of Apple TV 2 users is relatively limited.  Whether the work can or will be done to extend this untethered jailbreak to ATV users is similarly unknown.

In the meantime, Apple TV resellers are enjoying a time of rapidly rising prices for untethered versions.  An untethered release would severely and immediately undercut the value of these untethered inventories whose value continues to rise.


Nail on the head, Maxie.  However, it must also be recognised that the market for untethered ones would disappear overnight and we’d all be i  a position to untether our stocks of oddballs stuck on weird firmwares and shift some sticking inventory.

More to the point it would bring the kiddies and amateurs back into the game.  That’s the bigger threat to margins.

By far, the biggest threat to your margins will be from the more modern, powerful and faster devices currently being introduced into the market by (begins with an a and ends with ndroid) that sell for a fraction of what an untethered atv2 sells for and that don’t even require a jailbreak to work. 

Sure.  I have a pile of a dozen or so of them on my office shelf.  I’ve tested them all.  The latest was a quad core with more bells and whistles thna you can shake a stick at.  

Sadly, they are all crap.

So crap I can’t even begin to bring myself to offload them on the poor eBay punters.