Untethered Jailbreak

Evaders just realeased a new IOS 7 jailbreak will we see a new unthetherd jailbreak for ATV 2 ?

I guess we have to wait for a new version of seas0npass ;)


Hopefully James can give us a nice christmas present…

Can someone please point me to an authoritative checklist regarding firmware signatures and backups that should be in place before Apple releases 7.1 and stops signing prior signatures?

A lot of knowledge base is out of date and I’m getting a case of “support forum fatigue”. (Article I read prior to posting here listed downloading the beta of Firecore Seasonpass as a first step.)

side note If an admin could write a script scrubbing all posts re: support for ATV3 the entire Firecore community would be eternally grateful.

Enjoy the holiday, Firecore Team. Looking forward to an ATV Flash refresh in 2014.