Untethered jailbreak when?

I keep waking up every morning checking my mail for a public release of an untethered jailbreak for ATV 2
I pray they have one soon I have given up all hope of an ATV 3 jailbreak. :confused:

I will add my whole-hearted support behind this statement too!  iOS 7 is out now, lets have some great news to announce soon.

cant wait for a 5.4 update untethered would be great as use atv in two rooms but can live without


there will no jailbreak for the apple tv 3. Its not a Software problem, its the hardware…

i think he was asking about his apple tv 2.as he stated hes given up on the apple tv 3

Yes I gave up on Apple TV 3 like everyone
has !

add my name to the list of people waiting for the unthethered 5.3 …  about to give up …  OMG this is awful

+1 waiting untethered!