Untethered jailbreak question for latest fire core release


Something recently happened to my AppleTV 2 and I had to restore and noticed I can only do a tethered jailbreak which when tested was succeful.

My question is as follows:

How can I enjoy an untethered jailbreak. I ask this because a tethered jailbreak represents an inconvenience for me in terms of moving the computer to the living room to achieve a tethered jailbreak.

I don’t mind using an old version of the AppleTV software supplied by Apple to achieve an untethered jailbreak but my concern is if I can continue to update the firecore set of software.

Could anyone kindly advise if my plan is out of scope?

Sincerely, Alex

Do you have saved blobs for the old firmware release you are thinking of using?   This is a requirement to be able to revert to older releases of ATV2 firmware.

What are blobs? I often see this mentioned on the various posts.

Without knowing what a blob is I can tell you, if it helps, that I don’t have an old version of the ATV2 firmware. In other words when I alt click the restore button in iTunes (on a mac) I don’t have an alternate firmware from Apple.

Can I simply find an old version of the Apple firmware on my timemachine backup and use it to accomplish an untethered jailbreak? What are your thoughts?



Well it looks like I am ok.

Using Seas0nPass v0.9.2 (a beta as of this writining), I was able to choose an older version of the Apple TV 2 software, it went through all the motions and installed without a hitch and I have gone through the aTV Flash install.

I appreciate you chiming in and providing your thoughts.

Which older version did you choose that worked?