Untethered jailbreak possible or not on ATV2

Actually I’ve read the manuals and some forum threads. Most(?) of the people can’t do the untethered jailbreak on their ATV2. The same for me. The ATV stopps starting on the “Apple Screen” and the LED is flashing endless. Anyway, there is nothing mentioned in the manuals, that it is not possible. I wonder now if there is any possibility to get Seas0nPass untethered on my ATV2 or not? Is there anything I can try or is it just impossible?

Thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: By the way, I have an ATV2 with 5.1 installed.

If you already have 5.1 jailbroken and have saved blobs (firmware signature) then yes.  Without saved blobs for that version, then No.

Ok. So I have a atv2 5.2.1 that isn’t jailbroken. And I have another one that has 5.1 and is jailbroken. How do I go about downgrading the non jailbroken one so that I can jailbreak it.
I’m looking for unteethered jailbreak.
If its here in the forum, please send me to that link. If not, please guide me thru it.

Much thanks!!!:slight_smile:

It is not possible to downgrade unless you already have shsh blobs for the target release on the specific ATV2. Sounds as if you are out of luck with the system on 5.2.1.

You cannot do an untethered jailbreak on the atv2 running 5.2.1 firmware unless you have shsh blobs previously saved from that specific unit.   Otherwise, only a tethered jailbreak is available for that unit at this time.  You should save your shsh blobs (using iFaith) for the atv2 running 5.1 firmware in case you need to rejailbreak that specific unit some day.  But, do not try using those shsh blobs to downgrade the atv2 running 5.2.1 or you will risk “bricking” the unit.   

I’ll take any ATV2 that has 5.2.1 installed. PM me if you have one.

I just bought a new [yes new] atv2. havent even removed it from the packaging yet. it likely has 4.4 on it so what I want to know is, is it possible to do an untethered jailbreak using season pass. I have the latest version of season pass but dont know if that will work with earlier firmwares. I know I have to save the shsh blob. my question is once I do that can I get the 5.02 or 5.11 firmware and put it on the atv2 or are there specific steps to doing this. or do I have to use an earlier firmware?