untethered jailbreak 5.0 Apple TV Question

hi guys,


it is possible that an untethered jailbrak come for the AppleTV Software Version 5.0 for AppleTV2 and AppleTV3? :slight_smile:


Possibly ATV 2 in April


ATV 3 might be a while

An untethered exploit does indeed already exist. The person responsible for finding it is @i0nic and he hasn’t released the details of it and people aren’t sure if he will. With that said he may and if he doesn’t there are a plethora of brilliant people available to find a workable exploit. Now that is only for the Apple TV 2. Apple TV 3 will be very difficult to jailbreak.

I think is an question of Time for Apple TV 3 or also for Apple TV 2.

Any update on the untethered break for 5.0 ???