Untethered for 5.3



Not much point in appealing here as fireCore do not produce the jailbreaks  - they just packaged ones produced by others in the jailbreak community.

I also expect that an untethered jailbreak for 5.3 is unlikely to appear now.   It would almost certainly have appeared some time ago if it was going to happen.  Since 5.4 (which is iOS7 based) is expected very soon (probably at the Apple September 10 product announcement or soon after)  I would expect that the jailbreak community have no interest in doing further work on the 5.3 release.

Given your considerable knowledge and contacts, can you speak at all to the possibility of an UNTETHERED jailbreak for 5.4?  Those in the Apple iOS7 community working on iPhones/iPads appear pretty confident of an untethered jailbreak for those devices which were left with no jailbreak at all after the last Apple iOS update.


Hi, any further developments on this issue per chance? Any advice on how to untether my ATV2 (without previous shsh blobs) would be greatly appreciated! Happy holidays!!


no update for it yet but hopefully we’ll be getting good news soon on 6.0

ih8snow just released a untether,

install nitotv ( if not already), go to manage-sources- Cydia and install p0sixspwn package, and reboot 

untethered should work now

(you may have to check for updates in nitotv first to get it to work)


Its not working for me som im gonna try a fresh install see if that works then add all the bits after

p0sixspwn should be showing version 1.3-2

needed a fresh install all good now woop

i have work to do today i got 5 units here on 5.3 lol

did ur wifi drop after install mine did but just re connected yippie

had no issues 

Good news…finally!!! Works like a charm. 

Thanks for sharing ookamii.

OMG!!  Works!


wow, wow! thanks ookamii for the info it works

wow, wow! thanks ookamii for the info it works

This is great news! Its working!

Hi Guys,

Makes sure u install or your zips before u install the untether from nito because once u install the untether u will loose access too the home foder as it wont open therefore u will only be able to install zips out of fusion or xunity or another installer programme.

i wasted 3 hours before i realized this…

so the advice is run a fresh 5.3 with seas0npass then tether it then add atv flash then add nito xbmc and any other bits u want then go shsh your zips to the home folder of the atv 2 then install them with any hub wizards from fusion or xunity etc


then after that install the untether from nito…

if it wont install and comes up with manually run dkpg then go into nito and manage and install the core utilities from awkward then run the dkpg then it will reboot then install the untether from nito then install it again to make sure it says alrteady latest

then restart lowtide and hey presto u have a untethered atv 2 with all ur zips added

enjoy and thanks to ih8s0w and winic0m for making this happen

happy holiday


great observation and detailed instruction. Again thank

Hi Guys,

Untether has been put in pacajages now at the top of nito above couch surfer but remember my last post if u want to install ur zips from home folder as after u install the untether u will loose acces until the devs fix this



sorry i mean it at the top of install packages in nito