Untethered ATV2 Please. Help


I have a APT2 running 5.0.2. I want to jailbreak this with Seasonpass but I am afraid that if I do so iTunes will default it to 5.3 and I will have to tether this

sucker to reboot. I want to keep this firmware but after reading all over the web I am discovering I cannot. I’ve tried using TinyUmbrella, looking for the Seasonpass beta version with allowed you to save the signatures.  Can someone please tell me what my options are with my situation.


Thank you.



you don’t need the beta version anymore the latest seas0npass still has this feature. Did you try using the lastest seas0npass and it didn’t work? Generally, I just untethered jailbroke a 5.0.2 atv just this weekend. I generally just use ifaith to dump by shsh blob. Then use the seas0npass right-click on the create ipsw choose firmware 5.0.2. Then just follow the instructions seas0npass gives you.

I’m using a Mac and iFaith is only for Windows.

One option for Mac useres to save the SHSH is with TinyUmbrella but I had no success with it as well.

The new SeasOnpass for Mac has a feature when you right click on the “Create IPSW” button and select “Save Firmware Signatures”.

I tried that and it seems to run all the way through but I receive a error : SHSH extraction failed" unknown error.