untethered and tethered

Can anyone tell me the difference between untethered and tethered jailbreak, cause I can’t jailbreake my ATV 2. Gen because it’s 5,3, hope you can help me.


/regards Ewool

They both jailbreak the same way, but tethered means once jailbroken power CANNOT be removed. If power is removed it has to be re-tethered (not re-jailbroken). Re-tethering is done by hooking up the ATV to the computer and clicking on the “tether” icon.

Untethered ATV can have power removed and it will boot up just fine.

Does that mean that I can’t let it power off or does it mean that I can’t remove the power cord, and thank you for the answer.

It means you cannot physically remove power.

It is OK to let the ATV2 go into sleep/standbye mode as this does not count as powering off.

Thank you very much =) I’ll get rigtht on it