untether a tethered apple TV

Is this possible? and if so how do I go about doing this?


Thanks and sorry for being a newb, but im still not sure how its all done. Can anyone provide me a link with step by step instructions?

I currently have the 5.0 tethered and I want the 4.4.4. Can it be done?

You cannot go to any release that is no longer being signed by Apple unless you already have shsh blobs for the release running on your ATV2.

Thanks itimpi I just spoke to the guy who sold me the Atv and he said that once a version comes out he will do it for me, so i guess i just have to bare with the Tether booting for now.

It sucks when your laptop is not working!!!

Probably a stupid question, but can I tether boot from any other devices? Iphone,ps3 Xbox etc…

No, PC or MAC only.


Got it…thanks everyone for your help.