Unstable Live TV streams Add-ons

Hi, I am having trouble finding a XBMC add-on for TV-streams. (ATV2)

Less than one 10th of the streams work.


Ive try,d Navi-X Networks. SportsDevil (the Tv part), SuperTV and LiveTV,  


Is atv2 not capable of running a good live stream plugin ? Or are the stream sources just that crappy ?


What you need to realize is that each of the above add-ons for XBMC are user developed. They scrape a website site for the content and if ever that page changes it will break the add-on. Also any changes in the protocols can cause it to break.

Also different video players have different settings so it is literally impossible to keep up with all of it. They do their best.

I am aware of that those plugins are user created, and I am not complaining about the work and effort from all those coders who share there work with us.

But due to the popularity of those plugins and frequent updates I was wonderig if this is a aTV specific codec/flash problem of some sort.
Also I was hoping to get some feedback from other aTV users experience with TV Sreams

And I can open allot more TV streams on my MacMini running xbmc than I can with aTV.