Unstable 3.6.1 running on ATV 2.4

I upgraded the recommended way, ran the apple update then applied the new patch and i kept getting sporadic finder restarts.
This was while using the loop controller and the standard apple remote.

I wiped out the ATV and reloaded the update. Then I applied the new patch stick (I selected everything to load on the patch stick) and then ran the smart installer and then rebooted.
I have not loaded anything else like XBMC, BOXEE or launcher yet or at least haven’t run any updates to them.

I still get sporadic restarts with the loop controller running but haven’t got anything yet with the standard remote though I only had a few minutes to play with the standard remote this morning.

I am going to try the new iPOD touch / gesture controller thing tonight.

EDIT: Actually I see the gesture remote is not yet supported…