Unsecure Plex Connection On Lan

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Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to why I am experiencing an unsecure connection to my Plex server when streaming with Infuse 7 Pro on an AppleTV connected to the same Lan via Ethernet?

When I stream with the Plex app on the AppleTV it is a secure connection. And if I stream with Infuse 7 Pro on my iPhone outside of my Lan (i.e. Cellular Data) I get a secure connection.

So it appears to be an issue inside my own local area network (Either Hardwired or Wifi) with Infuse which seems very weird to me. I would think that would be the easiest setup to establish a secure Plex connection.


Infuse gets the server URLs direct from the Plex server, so it sounds like Plex may be providing an insecure URL for local streaming.

IMHO, this isn’t really an issue since most streaming on local networks is done via unencrypted methods anyways, as it’s presumed the local network itself is secure.

There is a case for secure streaming from remote servers, but it sounds like that is working as expected.

Thanks James. Yes everything works. Just thought it was weird to not have a secure connection within my LAN.

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