Unrecognized titles (10x10)

Unrecognized titles.

There are some titles in series and films that are in Thetvdb and TheMdb in addition to other places but are not listed on Infuse.

Any solution?

I have the data in the nfo file and recognizes it but if I choose to edit metadata, it leaves it in “Other”

It doesn’t go to movies or series.

I think the best solution is when you add a source to choose whether it is Movie or series.

Show catches.

I have 55 now that are still in “Others”

I could modify 100 but manually and because it appeared in search of metadata edition.

Those 55 don’t show up and don’t take the nfo reads it and shows the information but doesn’t move it to series or movies.

I only show one besides the famous problem with the film 10x10 could simply read it from the nfo file or add a manual editing option even add or change the Infuse code for that film we have been with this problem for many years.

It is not worth changing the title because it would not be recognized by the other Plex programs, Jellyfin, DSvideo etc.


The ‘Aurora Teagarden Mystery’ entry on TheTVDB appears to be a user-created list and not an actual title.

TheTVDB has the actual titles listed as Movies.


TMDb also lists these as movies, and has them grouped into the Aurora Teagarden Mystery Collection

If you were to remove the S01E05 portion of the filename, Infuse would treat these correctly as movies and be able to pick these up automatically.

That one I fixed like separate movies.

But 10x10 is still unable to be solved as films.

Since it looks like Spanish is your native language, you may also consider using the Spanish (Latin America) title: Una Verdad Inquietante

This will be picked up automatically.

That title was in Latin America.

In Spain it’s 10x10

I am cinephilo and I like the title as it opens in Spain or the title Original.

And the original language or in Castellano.

I hate Latino audio.

10 By 10 is not the title is not recognized with my solutions.

Its original title is 10x10.

It’s like her daughter calls her only “ju” because it’s easier than saying her name.

In Spain the film was premiered with title 10x10 and its poster puts 10x10.

And that’s how it shows in the other programs.

It is not logical to change the title so that a program can read it and lose its original title and other servers.


I think you should let Infuse use the info file nfo to make it renowned well.

We’ve talked this over many years after and never solved it.

Or add some command to Infuse so that he can recognize that title.

I’ve given two more logical solutions.

1- Infuse use the nfo file information.

2- Add in the code that the title is added as a film.

There are some suggestions in past threads below which work well for this particular edge case.

The film will still appear as ‘10x10’ in Infuse if you change the filename to something else.

It’s not his title.

10x10 (2018) [h264-1080p][AC3-6ch].mkv

No problems I’ve been asking for years. I knew they weren’t going to fix it.

This wouldn’t happen if when we add sources we say it is.

I add a film folder and pointed out as favorites and content add films.

So is the same with the series.

No problem I’ll try next year :sweat_smile:

I open another thread is closed. The ones on the subject.

Fixing the ill-identified films and series I still do with the 10x10 film turns out that disappeared from “Others” and similar to a chapter in a series and I lost the name I didn’t write it down and the film disappeared.

Is it so difficult I know at least this movie is indexed?

Implement something just for this movie I found it on .nfo, but even if he reads it, he doesn’t put it in the film folder.

I think they should discriminate separate films from the series, not pass this or indexes using the file .nfo that has all my series and movies.

Now it doesn’t appear in “Others” he’s stuck like a chapter in some series to see if I find it in some drawer of the house :sweat_smile:

This is the picture of the movie.


Did you try naming the file “10 X 10 2018.mkv” This has a space between the “10” and the “X” and seems to pick up the correct info.

The reason it’s causing issues is that the name is the same format as what Infuse uses for denoting TV show season and episode (01X05 etc) and this throws off the metadata search at TMDB.

The thread this was discussed earlier is here.

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It doesn’t work, it doesn’t recognize it and you should read the file .nfo reads it but it doesn’t go to movies.

And I never modify the original title because it would be good only for Infuse and bad for the rest.

Still, he doesn’t recognize her in any way.

Now it’s gone and it’s gone like a chapter in a series and it’s loss only can see it as a file.

Finally the thread was closed I looked for it and I couldn’t answer that. I created a new thread.

I repeat, you could fix this somehow it’s simple that movie exists in every place like 10x10 and has its .nfo.

I personally see very bad not using every folder with its content nobody has a folder with series and movies together and avoids this.

I have series folder and another film.

Also a personal videos that these latter are a headache in Infuse there is no way to organize it appear as very badly organized “Others”.

Or use the file .nfo of film 10x10 and would recognize it or modify the code so that you can have this film right.

That’s my opinion.

Well, no matter what today I wanted to remember these failures from about four years ago.

In a couple of years I remember it again.

In Infuse you can fix if the recognition fails and find the right one.

But he doesn’t let 10x10 recognize I’ve tried 10*10 also 10 by 10 and it doesn’t appear in the search engine.

There would be the solution that you’d look for both in series and in movies.

Or just using the “.nfo” appears to select it and shows everything but does not lead it to films only shows it as you have read the “.nfo” file

I think there are many solutions and other programs recognize it without any problem.

As always something impossible in years.


The movie ‘10x10’ is a unique title with a simple workaround.

It doesn’t make sense for us to spend time adding a special handling for this single title, which runs the risk of breaking fetching for many other titles (since this is a common TV show naming style).

It’s highly unlikely there is ever going to be an issue like this in the future with other titles, so I would recommend just renaming the file and moving on.


It’s not working. I’ve tried it.

You should simply take the data from the “.nfo” or be able to do it manually.

It’s that simple, manually search for that title but it doesn’t appear.

But no problem is something I’ve already lost.

But it’s gone and it’s inside a series like a chapter I don’t know what it is.

There are only two things I’ve been waiting for years and I’ll never see don’t worry I’ll keep using Infuse.

But it’s frustrating something so simple this and the other thread.

Thanks for answering.

Both of these are working here for me and automatically matched. Easy fix and no need to mess with NFO files.

As you can see in the capture, it doesn’t work.

And if I change the original title is no longer that film stops appearing on my other servers it’s like changing the name to your child is not right.

This is over until next year we’re still the same.

I’ll think heavy for a movie that’s probably bad (I haven’t seen it)

But as I’ve already published some capture before.

I have a very large library about 15,000 movies and about 35,000 series chapters.

This happens, and a lot of this movie is the one that I warned in the first place and it was not listened to and I no longer spoke of it until another year.

That is why it is paramount for me to be well organized and shown in the order of newly added.

Infuse is what I use in the Appletv can still be used although it is much slower than Infuse 6.

And on iPhone now a 13Pro Max is impossible to use Infuse 7 with it, it’s very large the library and Infuse 7 can’t with it, showing only a new film takes me almost a day for the scan.

That’s why I think the solution is to read the “.nfo” or use film folder for films and use “Series” for the series so is movie 10x10 and about 700 out of 15,000 would show.

Thank you.

Dude. No.