Unplugged 5.3 Apple TV

My Apple TV got accidentally unplugged yesterday, and when I turned it back on the light was flashing and the Apple logo appeared, then the screen went black. I think I might have to jailbreak it again. But what I want to ask was is there any way I can make it to where this never happens? And if so how do I do it? Also, I backed up my firmware if that means anything… I’m new to this

This is what happens with the 5.3 jailbreak any time you lose power (or do a hard reset0 as it ia tethered jailbreak.    However you do not need to repeat the whole jailbreak - just the ‘boot tethered’ stage which should only take seconds.  

Is there a jailbreak at the moment that can let me be able to unplug it without having to reboot it??

And thanks for the reply

There are a number of pre-5.3 releases that have untethered jailbreaks as shown in the list at Apple TV Version Info (updated 10/23/15) - Seas0nPass - Firecore. However you can only install earlier firmware releaes if you already have saved shsh blobs for your device or responding to the desired release. I suspect you do not have these? If that is the case there is no chance of going to an untethered jailbreak.

I had atv flash black 2.0 installed before it was unplugged, can this help me in any way towards an untethered JB? I don’t know how to save the shsh blob.

try using ifait to check if you have a saved blob(s) aside from the tethered 5.3