Unopened box - What version is it?

I bought an unopened ATV2 unopened in the box.  Without opening it, what version do you think its running?

It has the Bourne Ultimatum on the box.

Go to and put in your serial number it will then tell you week and year of manufacture then look up a list of Apple TV 2 ipsw release dates and you’ll be able to know which version is on there

More likely 4.4.4. But what kind of question is this. Opened it figure out. It’s waste. Of time. To open a thread like this.

Follow Rhothgar’s suggestion.  End of.

It’s a great question because not all NIB sealed Apple TV’s are versions that can be jailbroken as untethered.  Therefore it would be helpful to know which version it is BEFORE opening the sealed box.  

And why would you say it is most likely version 4.4.4?  I have four version 4.0’s and three 4.1’s that  are nowhere near as valuable as 4.4.4.  And I found that out by opening the sealed boxes – something I wish I hadn’t done had I known they were crap versions.  

Stop being so damn arrogant and condescending, japgeisha!  


If you don’t want to jb it then don’t open it, if you want to jb then open it. Done.

How about if I want to SELL it – and want an UNTETHERED sale?

Or if I want to BUY one – with the idea of reselling it as an UNTETHERED ATV?

Knowing what is in the box would be pretty darn helpful, eh? 


Then follow Rhothgar’s suggestion. End of.

According to the link its a 4.1.

Thanks for all the help.

That’s a buzzkill.  Sorry.