UnoDNS (Unotelly) not working after newest update to Maintenance

After the most recent update to ATV Flash black, I can no longer use the UnoDNS redirect service on my ATV2.

The Unotelly site says that the ATV Netflix app is forcing Google DNS lookups and that Unotelly could stop working on the Apple TV. However, it has said this for quite a while and UnoDNS still worked for me until the ATV Flash black update.

I thought that removing the new ‘Netflix nag screen fix’ in Nito TV might fix the UnoDNS issue, but I get an error saying it is needed by Maintenance.

Can I safely remove the ‘Netflix nag screen fix’ without breaking anything? If not, would I be able to restore from backup to an earlier version of the ATV Flash software?

I am using unblockus, wich is pretty much the same service so i should have the same problem if Netflix is forcing to use google dns. But i don’t have it, so probably the problem is somewhere else and the unotely support is bullshiting you.

Have you updated to the new Maintenance? If not, I would hold off.

I took out a trial to unblock-us and I still have the same result. The ‘My List’ option is still showing in Netflix even though US is selected as my Netflix region; this option shouldn’t show if another region is selected (at least, it didn’t before.)

UnoDNS and unblock-us are both not working for me, so it appears Netflix has changed something or the new Maintenance in ATV Flash black is screwing it up. I could change regions when I was getting the update nag screen in Netflix but now I can’t.

You can close this thread. My problem is now fixed.

I logged out of Netflix and back in again and UnoDNS redirect is now working fine. The ‘My List’ option appears on all regions now too; it previously only appeared if the home Netflix region was selected (in my case UK.)

Have you updated to the new Maintenance???