Unknown host key for AppleTV.local

I’ve been getting this error for a little while now. It either started when I reformatted my OSX Tiger system, or did a factory reset on the Apple TV.

I have gone into Terminal and got rid of the cached keys, but I still get the message.

I use Cyberduck (3.4.2 (5902) for FTP.


The host is currently unknown to the system. The host key fingerprint is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Clicking on Always does not change anything.

Delete the file named “known_hosts” in the “.ssh” directory in your home folder (or the row in the “known_hosts” file with the key it is complaining about).

Please remember that folders preceded by a . (full stop) are hidden, so make sure you enable view of hidden files.

You can also open Terminal and enter the following command.

rm .ssh/known_hosts

Done the terminal one several times but still nothing. Read another post about removing the Cyberduck key, but not sure if they meant from the Cyberduck directory, or in that same SSH folder.

How do I view hidden files to make sure I am really deleting the keys?

You can select ‘Go To Folder’ from the Finder’s ‘Go’ menu and enter the following.