Unknown Error 21

I am jail breaking through the latest Seas0npass and following is my details. Itunes, ATV2 4.2.2, Seans0nPass I followed the steps given in the firecore site. After connecting the MicroUSB I also got the window saying Successfully entered DFU mode. I opened itunes and choose AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F305_SP_Restore. After sometime I received The Apple TV "Apple TV" could not be restored. An unknown error occured ( 21). Please help what is wrong with the jail breaking. I also did the Itunes network diagonsis from the help menu and it passed and verified the network connections. The apple tv2 is in the DFU mode. I am not sure what is that I am missing.

Ok Finally I was able to get the SeasOnpass JB and installed XMBC through NitoTv. Everything looks good. I didn’t do anything different. Just deleted all the SeasOnpass files and restarted the steps all over again. Patience…patience…patience…is the only difference otherwise followed the same instruction given here. I did not connect the power of the apple TV during the installation as suggested by others. The itunes didn’t pop up for me after the Apple TV went to DFU mode. In fact I was asked to open the itunes and choose Restore. This instruction popped up as soon as the device went to the DFU mode. I guess for some of you the Itunes is opening automatically but not for me. This step was not there but the window that pop up has clear step by step instruction. I actually tried this procedure 5-6 times frustrated and about to give up. I started all over again starting from downloading the zip file. So my advice for others is again be patient and good luck. Btw, my setup is windows 7 if you are wondering.

i was having heaps of trouble too, all i did was buy a new cable and it worked first go.