Unjailbreak Tethered 5.3

So a buddy of mine recently updated his appletv causing it not to work with his old jailbreak (fool) I applied season pass jailbreak without realizing it was TETHERED. This won’t work for him so I’d like to just restore it to new for him with original 5.3 firmware no jailbreak. Unfortunately when I try and restore I get different errors every time (1602,1601,11,21) I’ve tried doing this on both my Mac and my pc , I’ve tried with tiny umbrella server running , I’ve tried with power adapter in and out, different USB cables, ports. I have no SHSH blobs saved for this unit. Any suggestions? Anything is appreciated , thanks guys!

I should also mention every time it’s plugged on it just has a black screen after showing the apple logo

That is expected behaviour if the ATV2 needs a tethered boot to be carried out.

Thanks I assumed that this was the case, is there any way at this point to remove the need for tethered boot? I want the appletv to be functional as it would out of the box with no jailbreak

The process I have always followed is to put the ATV2 into DFU mode and then just do a restore in iTunes.   It may be possible to avoid going into DFU mode and go straight to the restore - I am not sure.

Ya I’ve tried this both while in DFU and not, to no avail. Thanks for the response though!