uninstalling MiRow and all the plug-ins


I played around with MiRow and was quit pleased until all the Metadas disapeared without explanation. I spent the whole day trying to reimport my movies and TV Shows collections but MiRow doesn't import nothing. It scans the drive and find everything but nothing appear in the movie or TV Show directories.

I'm tired to try to understand how this soft work so I'd like to uninstall it.

So can somebody please tell us (I'm not the only one who try to get an answer from your support team) how to remove this nice but very

annoying application.

I'll give it a another try when you'll fix all the bugs, provide a real manual and a better support. Don't wanna play the beta tester.


A guide for removing any of the MiRow plugins can be seen here: support.firecore.com/entries/304606-removing-plugins