uninstall aTV Flash? Reverting back to factory software

How do I revert my appleTV back to the stock software? I like aTV Flash but I’m having some issues and want to revert back to the factory software. I will try aTV Flash again when future releases come out. Thanks in advance for posting those instructions, Rio

How do you just uninstall the aTV Flash software, without doing a factory reset. I don’t want to have to re-jailbreak this little black horrorshow. It was jailbroken before I got suckered into buying aTV Flash. I just want to uninstall aTV Flash and have my ATV2 back the way it was prior to installation. Is that possible?

You can perform a Factory restore through the Settings menu to remove the aTV Flash software.

When I try to revert back to factory settings, the unit reboots and shows the blinking question mark with an icon of a hard drive. I have tried 3 times. I was running the latest version before installing aTV Flash. Any ideas on getting me back?

You can hold down the ‘-’ and ‘menu’ to restart the Apple TV in Recovery mode, where you can revert to factory settings.

The aTV Flash makes no modifications to the Recovery drive, so you will always be able to start over fresh if you so choose.

I let this hot pad of a device cool down for a couple of hours and now it is behaving the way it should. Thanks!