Unified Home?

I read about a feature called unified home screen here but cannot find it in the settings of the current versions.

I would like to be able to have exactly the same home screen on all devices. So if I click on an actor for instance and choose “Pin to home screen” I would like that pinned list to show up on all devices so I don’t have to do it on each device individually.

Is there a way for the home screen to be in sync and exactly the same (same pinned items, playlists, collections, etc. in the same order) on all devices? Am I just missing something?

Turn on iCloud sync. That should sync settings for all devices through iCloud.

Here’s a users guide on what is kept in sync with iCloud.

And keeping things in sync in general.

iCloud sync does not sync the Home Screen. For instance if I click on an actor and choose “Pin to Home Screen” that does not sync.

Is there a way to sync an actor pinned to home (so a dynamically generated list of their movies based on metadata) because so far I don’t see that working with iCloud sync.