Unified Home (Pinned Lists)

I posted this awhile ago but I’m reopening is because no matter WHAT I do I CANNOT get this to work.

  • I have Infuse on a Macbook Air M2 with the latest OS and latest Infuse
  • I have an AppleTV 4K with the latest TVOS and the latest Infuse
  • Both are connected to the same network
  • Both are logged into the same Apple ID
  • Both Infuse Apps were purchased using the same Apple ID
  • Both Mac and AppleTV Infuse have iCloud Sync enabled

And my pinned lists simply DO NO show up on the AppleTV. I DID get the Mac and iPad Air 5 syncing the pinned lists at some point but I actually never got the AppleTV to work. I have about 40 pinned lists (actors, directors, etc.) and NONE of them show up on the AppleTV no matter what I do. I’ve tried…

  • Toggling iCloud Sync On/Off
  • Restoring my purchase (annual subscription)
  • Clearing all metadata and letting the library rebuild (I exclusively use NFO files NOT fetched metadata)
  • Deleting Infuse AND it’s data from my AppleTV and reinstalling

No. Luck. So frustrated. Is iCloud sync supposed to sync pinned lists? Is there anything else I can try?

Just a tip, always give the actual version numbers since both Infuse and the OSs have frequent releases and not everyone updates automatically so it could be multiple different combinations of OS version and Infuse version. :wink:

Is the one on the ATV also the primary user on the ATV? Not being the primary user can cause problems since the ATV can have multiple users.

Here’s what iCloud syncs.

Latest versions. I checked before posting and everything is in fact the latest version. AppleTV only has a single user, thanks. And I’ve checked and triple checked the AppleID and account used to purchase Infuse on all devices and they all are the same AppleID.

I see “lists and favourites” are synced and I guess my only question is, what is a “favourite” because I don’t see reference to “favourites” anywhere in the interface. Is that a pinned item? What I am hoping to see synced on the homepage are my “pinned items”. So for instance if I’m viewing a cast member page in the library and “pin to Home Screen” I expect to see that on all devices. That does not work between MacBook and AppleTV.


  • MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1
  • TVOS 17.4
  • Infuse 7.7.4 (Mac, iPad, and AppleTV)
  • Pro Subscription