Unidentified hot key

I was just having a look at the hot keys for the Mac and this one is a mystery to me… what the heck is it?


Huh. Never seen a symbol connected to Escape before… learn something new every day.

Having never owned a Mac, every one of those symbols is foreign to me! I can only assume the top one represents the space bar, and the ones below the Mac versions of either (shift/control/win/alt) + “.” and “,” … but I’ve no idea which one. :upside_down_face:

Edit: ahh!

Not Mac specific. :wink: It’s the ISO keyboard symbol for “Escape”

I have to also admit, I had to look it up. It ain’t on any of my keyboards. I would have gone with just “ESC” instead of the fancy borked “On” button symbol.

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Having only ever seen “Esc” (even on the Mac keyboard images I just minutes ago googled), and obviously only living in a parts of world where Latin alphabets dominate commerce … it sadly took till I was this many years old before I considered what the inclusive, purely graphical symbols for these function keys should look like. Gotta admit, escape makes perfect sense — well done ISO folks. (Now I’m off to look up all the others.)

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