unfuse 4 désavantage !!

Hi, i see some disadvantage with new Infuse 4 for TVOS , sorry for my bad english I’m french

  • possible to personnalize favotires link with a pictures ?
  • i regroupe multiple movies in SAGA , for example for DIE HARD ( i put 5 DIE HARD movie (with folder.jpg for tech movie) i create DIE HARD SAGA folder with picture of saga .poster.jpg in root of DIE HARD SAGA folder and infuse doesn’t see picture .
  • i have à NAs with all movie sort ( folder NAME >> indice MOVIE FILE + POSTER.JPG file ) and it’s possible to use infuse for memorise thumb on ATV for have speed acces …
  • with subtitle the perfect solution is to mémorise for all folder if i want subtitle or not … for exemple i turn défaut NO subtitle … and for only 2 US-tvshow i want subtitle, i choose subtitle for this 2 tvshow and only this 2 tvshow (all épisode /seaon ) are with subtitle but all other movie folder are with default setup