Unfortunate problem with tethering boot- different PC or Mac

Hi, I have a special situation and i do not know what to do.  I jailbreak ATV2 and tethered boot it successfully a week ago for my media room using Macbook pro.  This weekend, my kids wanted to watch movie so i took ATV to another family room.  Unfortunately, the hard drive for my Macbook pro (that i used to jailbreak a week ago) had crashed and lost everything.  So, I tried using another Mac to tether boot ATV2 and it didn’t work.  I also tried using windows machine without any luck.

This is what I did: I opened Seas0npass, click on “Boot Tethered” and pressed two buttons on Remote and nothing happened on the screen.  What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to have .ipsw file located in my local PC or Macbook?  If yes, what are the locations for PC or Mac?  i’m lost and any help would be appreciated.

The thing to do is to repeat the SeasonPass option to create an ISPW on the PC/Mac you want to do the tethered boot, but after the IPSW has been created abort the attempt to restore in iTunes.   That will have created the files needed for the tethered boot to be successful.


Hi itimpi,

Thanks for the quick response.  The entire jailbreak process does not use itunes at all.  All of the processes happen in seas0npass.  should i just exit the program once it’s done creating ipsw?  I really don’t want to redo everything.



Yes - you do not want to do the restore as that will wipe any current settings.


Thank ou very much.  I will try tonight.  Hopefully, i will have a good story to tell tomorrow morning.

Thanks again for your help.