Uneven playback judder when not using auto match frame rate

Hello! So I’ve been having some audio sync issues with my setup (separate issue, I think my Sony TV and Samsung soundbar have a disagreement over where the audio and video go together as this goes for all Apple TV apps when switching frame rates).
Anyway, so I’ve been experimenting with just letting the Apple TV 4K run @ 60 hz at all times and to use TrueCinema on the TV to figure out the correct framerate from that output. This seems to keep the audio sync in check, and TrueCinema picks out a 24 fps from the 60 fps signal. Which it does for Netflix, Apple TV+ and Plex but… not Infuse. And more specifically, not for Infuse 6. I have an old purchase of Infuse 5 that I installed just to test against, and Infuse 5 actually looks just as good as Plex. The issue appears to be only with Infuse 6, which gets really stuttery as if the framerate is uneven on all files. It looks like 3:2 pulldown judder in Infuse 6. I tried running the same files on Plex, Infuse 5 and Infuse 6 and it looks completely fine with Plex and Infuse 5. With Match Frame Rate set to on, Infuse 6 looks fine, but… yeah, then I have the system-wide audio sync issue.

The files I’ve tried for comparison are bits of Avenue 5 (23.976 fps), some Carnival Row (23.976 fps) and a bit of a blu-ray rip of the newest Jumanji movie (also 23.976 fps). They all look perfectly fine in Plex and Infuse 5. Weird juddery playback in Infuse 6.