Understanding Embedded Metadata (again)

I have asked a similar question before (some time ago) but still have not found a a reason why the display of metadata is different between content that is served by Emby on my Mac and content that is served by a shared folder, also on my Mac. I have, of course, read all the Metadata 101 and other related items in the Infuse Help Section, and searched the Community for solutions, but I still cannot understand why it works as it does and what can be done to get the display right.

Scenario: All my films have embedded metadata, the folder where the film is located also has an .nfo file. This .nfo file can be the one created by Emby from the embedded metadata, but I have also created my own based upon the sample in the web Help Section. In addition I have tried creating a .xml file also based upon the sample on the web.

Here is the problem: A film served by Emby to Infuse shows all the embedded metadata but a film served from the Shared folder does not.

Pictures to show the difference: