Understanding Dolby Vision possibilities with Infuse


Please kindly help me understand what I can do with Dolby Vision with Infuse, if anything at all.
Here’s my setup:

  • ATV 4k 2021 (connected to AVR)
  • Onkyo TX-NR676 AVR
  • Panasonic HZ series OLED (DV+HDR10)
  • Belkin 48Gbps HDMI cables
  • Plex server
  • 4K DV Blu-Ray remux’d MKV backup files

When I play a DV remux file from Plex with Infuse, I don’t seem to be getting DV.
I did some search about this, and it seems it’s just not possible on the ATV to actually play DV remuxes, due to limitation imposed by Apple, and there’s nothing that Infuse can do about this. At most, it will work with streaming DV sources. On the other hand, a Plex player on a Nvidia Shield would be able to play those files with DV enabled.

Am I getting this right? Probably not, let me know!


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Hello! If I’m not mistaken, Infuse is already capable of playing Dolby Vision on profile 8 mkv’s.

This would be profile 7, not 8. More specifically, mediainfo reports the file as dvhe.07.06.

Interestingly, I just found that I can play the file with DV in ATV Plex player, as long as I pre-configure the audio stream to AC3 before playback. It will fallback to HDR10 if I try to use the uncompressed audio. This does not work with Infuse though.

There are a few other threads discussing this, essentially profile 7 is not supported but there is discussion supporting profile 7 that has been converted to 8 support with minimal loss of info. No guarantee that infuse can support at the moment. Profile 7 def cannot be supported directly as Apple TV cannot sent that info to tv.

Ok, but what’s Plex doing in that case? The same file in ATV’s Plex does bring up the DV logo on the TV (with AC-3 though)

If you read through the thread that @munpip214 provided the link to above there is discussion as to what Plex is doing and what your really seeing when it does. I know it’s a long read but instead of duplicating posts it would be easier to read that thread.

Right. Well, went through it, and concluded that a Nvidia Shield Pro will have to be in my future…

I believe that there is also a couple other options: Zidoo and Dune, but I don’t know which model numbers support all the various Dolby vision and atmos codecs.

Yeah. These DV threads, beating a dead horse sometimes… The one DV thread to rule them all maybe should be pinned up somewhere.

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I find these players as vastly superior to Nvidia, the only set back is there is no proper support for library management and I also understand that the OS isn’t based on Android TV, but just Android (mobile/tablet) so no Plex media player support etc. You’d do good to do some research before investing if it really satisfies your requirements. Some links below;

They offer free worldwide shipping as well… Sorry for spamming Infuse forum with non-infuse stuff.


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Sometimes what’s needed is a better, more recent, summarised thread.

Thanks. I’ve looked before into Dune, it could be an option indeed. Not sure about the other one, but I know the Dune’s have good reputation.

Searched a bit more on this, looks like Zidoo’s and the Chinoppo are also good contenders for full-range Blu-Ray UHD DV file playback. Anyway, the one thing that it’s clear, two devices are needed to cover the whole spectrum. Apple TV for streaming and non DV remuxes, and one of those players for DV remuxes. Thanks for the pointers.

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I find that I would rather use Infuse on ATV4K and miss out on the occasional prof 7 DV than use NVidia Shield and/or plex at all and I have both. Why? Because:

  1. The ATV interface is a MUCH smoother and more user friendly experience than the shield and
  2. The ATV match frame rate and resolution just works and is FAR, FAR, FAR better than the Shield, I mean its soooooooooo much better that the whole user experience outweighs missing out on a small number DV p7 files.

To further this, I have a brand new SONY OLED that has been professionally calibrated so HDR looks superb anyway, so I dont miss the odd DV p7 file.


I get that. I agree. ATV is way ahead of the competition in user interface…

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That’s exactly my feelings.
I really hate turning my Shield on.

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