Unclear option for downloaded files

to Download files is pretty straight forward.
-would be nice to have download option on multi-select though.

Once files are downloaded these appear under Synched.
-Why different terminology, download/synched?
Even though I only downloaded a few episodes from a series season, the season is showing up in Synched and when opening the Season all episodes are listed.
I would expect that the episodes downloaded should be marked in someway or be the only ones to be listed.

How to remove a file that I have downloaded to my iPad?
~when trying the delete option I get the control question if I wish to permantly delete the file.
It’s unclear if this is from my iPad or from my library, could you use delete vs unsynch?
The option File management doesn’t seem to make any different

Please advice how to remove files that have been downloaded and for the future can you use a more consequent terminology.

Thanks for the suggestions.

There are a number of improvements in this area we hope to tackle in an upcoming version.