Unable to watch TV Shows

Everything else on ATV Flash seems to work well except for Boxee. I installed Flash per the instructions on the form, then installed Boxee, but when I go to watch TV Shows, I get a blank screen where the video would appear.

Any help as to what the issue might be? Is there a way to update to the newer version of Flash 10.1? Maybe this is the problem.

No one wants to try to help here?

Some streaming videos in Firefox and Boxee will require Adobe Flash to be installed. We have a guide for doing this here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Enable_Flash

Unfortunately enabling Adobe Flash on the AppleTV will require a special ‘CoreAudioKit.framework’ file. While this file is not included in the aTV Flash package you may be able to find a set of OSX 10.4.10 restore discs on ebay.

If you need the CoreAudioKit.framework, message me and I’ll email it to you.

Is it flash or something in the last update? Was yours working before on certain apps that aren’t now? justintv on boxee used to work perfectly for me - since the last update - just shows a white screen when you click on a show and shows that its playing (no sound either)… Nothing else has stopped working though

Can you send me the core audio kit? unable to find it!

I am also having the same problem. Boxee seems to work fine but when I try to watch a video No video and No audio? but the play and pause buttons work and the timer is moving? I guess it is a video co-dec issue. Is anyone from aTV Flash working on this problem or at least acknowledging it is a issue?


After you have droped the framework into the DOC folder on the ATV…go to Maint on the ATV and UNINSTALL FLASH (rt arrorw on remote)…then reinstall FLASH via the Maint menu see if that works.

ok i have already a file with the ‘CoreAudioKit.framework’ there are a few folders inside,should i put them all inside ATV doc folder?

You will want to transfer the entire ‘CoreAudioKit.framework’ folder to the Documents folder and reinstall Adobe Flash.

i did it, put the entire core audio kit folder on the doc folder,then installed flash player then restart the ATV,but still not working :cry: or should i put the whole frameworks library,i mean the one that has core audio file, core audio kit,core midi etc??

Can someone send me the core audio kit?


i'd be grateful if you could send me the Coreaudikit.framework to




thank you

Hi Mike,

Would you still happen to have a copy of the file as well, and how would I go about installing it otno apple tv. I’ve already purchased atv flash, but canno’t view any shows in boxee thanks.