Unable to update ATV2

I am stuck on 4.3, ATV says it is the latest version when attempting to update.

Any ideas?



Thanks for the info, I got an IPSW error during the installation, looks like there are quite a few issues with this, will try again.


I assume that you have jailbroken your ATV2?    If so you cannot use the update option on the ATV2 itself and the only way to move to later firmware is to repeat the jailbreak process with the latest SeasonPass which will produce an untethered jailbreak of the 4.4.4 firmware. Since re-doing the jailbreak wipes everything on the ATV2 you might want to first use the Manage Backups option on the Maintenance->Settings menu to back up your application settings.   Then when you have redone the jailbreak and re-installed the FireCore software you can use the restore option on that menu to get back existing settings.

I can’t update as well

I ve re-installed seasonpass about 5 times and still on 4.4.3