Unable to uninstall extras

I have recently been unable to uninstall any of the 'extras' options, such as Couch Surfer, XBMC, or any others.  I get the same error message (all 3 show up):

E: write error - write (28: no space left on device)

E: Can't mmap an empty file

E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.


I have an ATV2 with 4.3.1, untethered jailbroken with seasonpass.

Any suggestions?  I was primarily trying to uninstall XBMC as it seems unable to stream anything (pics, music, videos) without it freezing.

Thanks for the help!

 Edit: Figured it out.  I had a massive 6gb log file "xbmc.old.log" which filled all the remaining drive space.  Once deleted, I was able to install/uninstall again.