Unable to sync iTunes movies on iPad Air

I just bought Infuse Pro 2. The GOOD… it plays my BluRay dvd rips FLAAWLESSLY!


Now the BAD… I can’t get my iTunes synced movies to show up in Infuse Pro 2. If I understood the directions correctly, I was supposed to sync movies with my ipad Air (the movies showed up in iTunes Video player and played with no problem). From there they are supposed to show up in Infuse 2, correct? No movie is showing up.

I also tried going to Apps > File Sharing…and manually download and watch iTunes movies while my synced iPad Air is synced. While I can download the movie to Infuse (and the movie shows up in the Infuse library), when I try playing it I get an error message saying, “An error occurred loading this content.”. 


I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling Infuse 2. No luck.


Any help would be appreciated. 

Were these files purchased through iTunes by chance?

Unfortunately purchased content is not currently supported in Infuse.

ah. Well that would explain it then. lol


Well at least I know Infuse is working correctly. The way I read it I assumed I SHOULD be seeing iTunes content in Infuse. 

I still love this program. It’s the only player I’ve found to play my content without an issue.

Your assumption is actually correct. :slight_smile:

Infuse will show synced iTunes content, but will filter out any DRM-ed content since it’s not supported at this time.

I always use Adoreshare M4V Converter Genius to convert iTunes m4V files to other formats like mp4. So I can play them on any devices. It’s not free, but automates the process of converting M4V video to any format with high quality,
If you are interested, you can search it on Google