Unable to switch to atv mode... unmount failed.

I’m using the same flash drive as before. Don’t know what this warning means?

same error here… is it an installer issue? I’ve been using the same usb stick, and this is the only update that it failed on…

Could be a OS X problem. I’m running 10.6 I tried on my other Mac running 10.4.11 and had success. Could be this update is not compatible with Snow Leopard

This definitely does not work with 10.6. To the few developers out there that have a beta version of 10.6 please use 10.5 to create the patchstick. I assume that 10.6 changes the way drives are partitioned or mounted/unmounted and the commands aTVFlash uses are not 10.6 compatible. IT is being worked on, but I wouldn’t think there would be a 10.6 compatible version until 10.6 final comes out in September/October. Sorry folks. :frowning:

roger that!

Also got this error message. After numerous retries with various changes, what worked for me was to NOT check the Option to “Disable Apple TV Auto Update” Everything went fine after that.

I was installing ATVFlash 3.6.3 in Snow Leopard 10.6.1 and using a Sandisk Cruzer 2GB flash drive.