Unable to Stream Wireless Content

Hello - I’m new here so forgive me my ignorance and please indulge my question here. I was able to install aTV flash no problem but I have yet to figure out why I can’t get nitoTV to mount disc and discover my stored content. I believe it’s to do with the way I have my iMac & external drive set up. Allow me to explain:

I have all my video & music content saved in an external partitioned 2TB drive: 1TB is used for Time Machine backups & the other 1TB is used for Media Storage. The external drive is connected to my iMac via firewire. My iMac connects wirelessly to the AirPort Extreme in the living room where I have my Apple TV - the Apple TV is connected via ethernet cable to the router.

I have tried dozens of times to create a Mount Point in nitoTV to no avail. The connection normally times out with a “mount_smbfs: negotiate phase failed: syserr = Operation timed out” error.

Likewise I have been unable to connect or have my drive recognized in both Boxee “Error 2: share not available” as well as with Sapphire.

The whole point of getting my AppleTV and installing aTV Flash was so I could “easily” stream content wirelessly - this has proven to be more arduous a task than setting up my PS3 (which used to stream well wirelessly until an update last year made it useless). Any assistance from anyone would be VERY much appreciated.

Is it even possible for my AppleTV to recognize an external drive connected to my iMac?

You can stream directly from the external drive to the AppleTV however the drive must be listed in the shared folders list as described here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Network_Streaming#Mac_Users

If you’re still having trouble please post or email your share point settings.

I opted to hook up an external USB drive to the AppleTV and add and remove files via Cyberduck. I wanted true wireless connectivity between my iMac’s external drive & the AppleTV.

My configuration (at present as I’ve tried everything :slight_smile: ) is as follows:

Mount Name________________iMac MEDIA
Mount Type_________________smb
Mount Address______________iMac.local
Requires Authentication_____Yes
User Login__________________My Name
Volume Path________________MEDIA (the name of my 1TB partitioned drive shared with 1TB for Time Capsule)
Auto Mount_________________Off
Use Custom Path____________Off
Extra Arguments

It should be noted that my iMac no longer appears in my network list as advertised by Bonjour - earlier on I had the drive appear automatically as “iMac afpovertcp” however I inadvertently removed it when deleting my many attempts at creating a functional mount share point. How would I go about retrieving it?

I very much appreciate your help. I finally have everything hooked up and my living room no longer looks like an MIT lab. It would be nice to enable wireless sharing even though I have that hard drive wired via USB.

All the best & thank you!

I’m not sure how but it appears I RESOLVED the issue

I went to the Firewall settings to see what I had set up. Though “File Sharing (AFB, SMB)” was allowed, I didn’t have “Automatically allow signed software to receive information” checked ON. Out of curiosity I turned off my Firewall and went back to the AppleTV to see if NitoTV saw my drives. Sure enough, my iMac (afpovertcp) was there as well as the MEDIA drive i have connected to my iMac. I turned my Firewall back on and the drive remained recognized by AppleTV.

I’m not sure why it would suddenly work but I believe this is likely the culprit - user error it would seem. I also went through another round of creating Mounting Points for MEDIA but nothing outside of what I had set up was changed.

Thanks for your help… lets hope that this connection sticks!