Unable to SSH to apple tv2 on iOS 5.0

I have succesfully jailbroken my Apple tv 2nd generation on the latest firmware. But when I try to ssh to it with Terminal, it doesn’t work.

When I enter: ssh root@ (I’m sure this is the right IP); i get: ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation timed out

Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


Wireless or Ethernet cable?


If you are wireless make sure you aren’t using a Guest Network

Definitely on the same network. aTV flash was installed without a problem, and it can read files from my server.

I did it as instructed to install Eden to ATV2 with iOS 5 and there is XBMC in main menu. It works BUT there is no sound, even after I changed audio output from analog to optical, as suggested in ios specific issues at xbmc forum. Second problem I have is I am unable to copy files to Apple TV. I am using cyberduck ftp, and upload of files to mobile/applications begins but after a minute or two there is “socket error” and file transfer interrupts. Please help.