Unable to share on iPhone it aTV

Hi People,

Struggling to figure this out. I have followed the instructions to share a drive in MacOS Big Sur, and can see the drive, create a share in Infuse, and make a favourite. But when I try to view the contents, I get told I don’t have access. What am I missing?


Can you share these instructions and maybe screenshot of your settings? You don’t have access when you load the favorite, or try playing something?

These instructions on the Firecore site. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore. Also the Apple instructions for sharing from the enclosed link.

An update. I am using an external drive which is partitioned which appears to be the problem. I have tried sharing the drive partitions, and also the folders within the drive partitions. Neither work despite the drive partitions showing in the Add List as you can see in the attached screen shot from my phone. The Sound & Vision partition is not shared so not sure why its showing.

I also keep getting a message that indexing has failed.

I am scratching my head on this.

Did you try sharing a local folder on your Mac just to test? Also giving your Mac a static IP might help.

Yes and it worked. Despite not being shared.

Can you confirm the drives are not asleep when you try to play something.

They are not asleep. The app can’t get to the point of me being able to play anything - it only says “An error occurred. Access denied”

Are you entering in an it sounds like an issue with permissions or something. Can you share a screenshot of your share settings on your Mac?

Btw I haven’t used Smb sharing for several years since I got a NAS so it’s kinda a guess for me at this point.

I did a search and found a post on another site which made me wonder if the problem is that the drive is formatted as APFS. Wondering if it should be HFS which was indicated as better.

Yeah that might be it. Did you checked the “Share files and folders using SMB” and turned on “Windows File Sharing”?

Both are automatic when file sharing is selected in MacOS Big Sur. Wondering if its a Big Sur thing…

Has the drive been added to the list of ‘Shared Folders’ in System Preferences > Sharing > File Sharing?

You can drag both folders and disk drives to this list.

Yes. Ive shared both drives and folders. Though the weird thing is that attached drives show up in the files list even though they are not shared.