Unable to set custom artwork for a TV show

Hey all, hope you’re looking forward to the weekend.

Downloaded Infuse yesterday and having a great time with it, except I seem to be unable to set custom artwork for a TV show.

As an example, I’m trying to use a different piece of artwork for Futurama. Following the instructions, I’ve placed the PNG in the root so that it sits alongside ‘Season 01’ and ‘Season 02’ etc. yet I don’t seem to be able to affect my iPad, iPhone or Apple TV to recognise this artwork instead of that automatically grabbed by Infuse.

Can someone enlighten me what I’m doing wrong?


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To override the series poster, you’ll actually want to name your image ‘poster.png’ instead of ‘futurama.png’.

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I knew it’d be something silly I was doing wrong; mistook the ‘poster’ as meaning a placeholder. Thanks very much!