Unable to select custom favorite artwork

Had a catastrophic failure on my NAS and lost everything but Its giving me change to change how I have it set up. I’ve just re-configured my networks so I can reach it via WebDav from home (dns resolves to internal IP) and from outside where the DNS resolves to my Public IP. Its working great and I can stream stuff on wifi or 4G. However I am unable to apply Custom Artwork to my favourites, it lets me select the share, navigate to the art work (which I used previously) but when I select it I get an error “The operation could not be completed”.

@james Diagnostics Code: 1SCQD

This is the Library icon but all 4 of my icons give the same error …

@James I’ve resolved this issue, but I think Infuse could easily do more to have told me what the problem was. I had copied the full size files from PhotoShop to the NAS so the PNG files were 32Mb each. Obviously Infuse didn’t like these large files, but instead of saying “File Too Large” or indicating what was wrong it just said “The operation couldn’t be completed” rather vague error. Maybe infuse could either re-size them or give a better problem description.

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