Unable to select "All"/"Watched"/"Unwatched" in Media Player

I am unable to select “All”/“Watched”/“Unwatched” in Media Player using either the AppleTV Remote or RowMote; and occasionally it changes on me - very frustrating.

I prefer to view all - watched and unwatched - episodes in a series.

I also have DVDs that have more then one chapter in them - and when I (let’s say) watch one chapter I would expect Media Player to show the DVD as partially watched; however, when it inadvertently switches from “All” to “Unwatched” it fails to show anything that was partially watched.

I end up having to use the restore from backup feature - which mean that all the watched/unwatched metadata is reset back to an earlier time; and this forces me to have to go through all my movies and shows and manually update every single video. Again, very frustrating.

Yes, I could (and I suppose should) do a new backup to the cloud on a daily basis - but I often forget to do so - sometimes for many days.

I wish you would fix this bad behavior.


Unfortunately - when the change from “All” to (either) “Watched” or “Unwatched” happens, I have not sent you an error report as I should have done - because I would then also have to sit right down and write you an extended bug report like this one - and this usually happens when I am tired and in bed.

Nonetheless, I think you should have a look at this issue.

Thank you.

Currently you can change the view by pressing the play/pause button. Pressing the center select button will start the highlighted movie/show.