Unable to see Plex in Infuse Pro


For some while I had Infuse on my Apple TV seeing my Plex server in shares and I was access content. Then I did an update to the Plex server, since which I have been unable to see Plex at all in Infuse Pro. I have checked that DLNA is still operative. I can happily still use Plex on the Apple TV with the server, and I can stream media from my iMac to Infuse using SMB, so I am working, but I am curious as to why the Plex server vanished. Has anyone any pointers for me?
Many thanks


Is the saved shared visible in Infuse at all, or are you getting an error when attempting to access it?

You may also try removing and re-adding it through the Infuse > Settings > Shares menu to see if that helps.

Apologies for the delay replying I’ve had a busy period in work…
I do not see the Plex share at all, but I can access the drives on which the media is stored via SMB. When I browse for shares, then the SMB comes up but no signs of plex at all. I recall that when it did work, Plex came up as an option - now it searches and searches but does not return with anything other than SMB.

You might check to ensure DLNA is enabled in Plex as described here.

Streaming via SMB will also work just fine, and in many cases will actually provide better performance.

I’ve already checked DNLA is on, and it is unfortunately. I’m working fine over SMB, I was just curious as to why the Plex server suddenly disappeared…and in case others were experiencing the same issue. I had spent a while getting the plex metadata sorted etc, and wanted it just pulled through the way it was. Don’t worry overmuch if you are not getting other reports of the same issue. Thanks Jonathan

Same issue here, was this resolved?

Cannot see PLEX server via the shares list??

No, we never cracked this - I’ve just got used to using SMB instead. It works well, I just spent so long getting the meta data right in plex it would be nice to use it…