Unable to see my own rating after it has been made

I rate everything I watch through Trakt (and other places) for the benefit of the community.

Let’s say I rate a movie 7/10 on first watch
And then on second watch I want to update that to 8/10

With Infuse on ATV if i choose to rate something that I have already rated i do not see the rating. I jut see the “totally ninja!” and full stars
I expect to see the rating I have already given, so that it can be edited and confirmed.

aside: i don’t think there should be any labels with the ratings as it’s personal/subjectibe

Pulling down user ratings from trakt is something we have on our roadmap for a future update. Ideally, we’d like to display this on the details page in place of (or in addition to) the current star ratings from TMDb.

The phrasing for each rating level is the taken from trakt for consistency.

Thanks for the info.

Looking forward to the improvements you mention.